Figure 2: Multiple Sequence Alignment of Cationic Antimicrobial Proteins
Conserved domains are indicated with squares, including the Cathelicidins superfamily (red), and CAP18_C (blue). Amino acid residues that present 100% identity are shown in aquamarine (tyrosine, Y), royal blue (valine, V), and pink (cysteine, C). Residues with 93% identity are shown in yellow (leucine, L), light purple (phenylalanine, F), sky-blue (threonine, T) and orange (glycine, G). Accession numbers were obtained from NCBI GenBank. Sequence alignment and graphic made with Clustal Omega (Ver.1.1.0) and Jalview (Ver.2.8.). Species key: human (H. sapiens), chimpanzee (P. troglodytes), orangutan (P. pygmaeus), rhesus macaque (M. mulatta), cat (F. catus), dog (C. familiaris), rat (R. norvegicus), rabbit (O. cuniculus), mouse (M. musculus), panda (A. melanoleuca), guinea pig (C. porcellus), platypus (O. anatinus), wallaby (M. eugenii), opossum (M. domestica), chicken (G. gallus), cobra (N. atra).