Figure 7: The Human Composition from a Biological Dataset Perspective
The terms genotype and phenotype were introduced in 1903 by Danish geneticist Wilhelm Johannsen, and their interrelationship has classically been conceptualized as: Genotype (G)+Environment (E) → Phenotype (P). Fast-forward in time to the “era of -omics”, a plethora of biological datasets is available that also warrant consideration. The ubiquitous microbiota housed in/on the body is here represented by the green “humanoid shadow”, while percentages indicate distribution of bacterial species across body sites (Genome Res. 2009;19(12):2317-23). The body enables homeostasis via intrinsic production (“prescription”, Rx) of HDPs. Now, the physical traits (phenome) becomes a matrix reflecting the sum of the individual’s genetic layout (genome), exposures from the environment (exposome) and the resident microflora (microbiome), as well as the combined interactions. Figure made with images from