Species (Order, Family or Subfamily) Common Name Peptide(s) Reference(s)
Bos taurus(Artiodactyla/Bovidae) Cow BMAP-27. BMAP-28. BMAP-34. Bac5. Bac7. Dodecapeptide. Indolicidin PMID: 9067433
PMID: 12960280
Ovis aries(Artiodactyla/Bovidae) Sheep SMAP-29. SMAP-34. oaBac6. oaBac11. sBAc7.5
sBac5. s-dodecapeptide.
PMID: 7498547
PMID: 12960280
*Capra hircus(Artiodactyla/Bovidae) Goat chMAP-28. chMAP-34. chBac5. chBac7.5 PMID: 10417180
PMID: 12960280
Sus scrofa(Artiodactyla/Suidae) Pig PMAP-23. PMAP- 36. PMAP-37. PR-39. Prophenin1, 2. Protegrin1-5 PMID: 1765098
PMID: 16053249
Homo sapiens(Primate) Human LL-37 (hCAP-18) PMID: 7890387
Pan troglodytes(Primate) Chimpanzee ptrLL-37 PMID: 16720578
Pan paniscus(Primate) Bonobo 1 cathelicidin predicted XM_003818426
Gorilla gorilla gorilla(Primate) Gorilla 1 cathelicidin predicted XM_004034062
Pongo pygmaeus(Primate) Orangutan ppyLL-37 PMID: 16720578
Papio anubis(Primate) Baboon 1 cathelicidin predicted XM_003894490
Macaca mulatta(Primate) Rhesus macaque mmuRL-37 PMID: 16720578
Callithrix jacchus(Primate) Marmoset cjaRL-37 PMID: 16720578
Saimiri boliviensis boliviensis(Primate) Squirrel monkey 1 cathelicidin predicted XM_003926293
Hylobates moloch (Primate) Gibbon hmdSL-37 PMID: 16720578
Otolemur garnettii(Primate) Bush baby 1 cathelicidin predicted XM_003800549
*Trachypithecus obscurus(Primate) Leaf monkey pobRL-37 PMID: 16720578
Mus musculus(Rodentia) Mouse mCRAMP PMID: 9148921
Rattus norvegicus(Rodentia) Rat rCRAMP PMID: 12737313
Cavia porcellus(Rodentia) Guinea pig CAP-11 PMID: 9278433
Cricetulus griseus(Rodentia) Hamster 1 cathelicidin predicted XM_003504259
Felis catus(Carnivora) Cat feCATH PMID: 21533281
Canis lupus familiaris(Carnivora) Dog K9CATH PMID: 17462733
Ailuropoda melanoleuca(Carnivora) Panda Cathelicidin-AM PMID: 22101189
Equus caballus(Perissodactyla/ Equidae) Horse eCATH-1, 2, 3 PMID: 11181349
Oryctolagus cuniculus(Lagomorpha) Rabbit CAP-18 PMID: 1883348
Loxodonta Africana(Proboscidae) Elephant 1 cathelicidin predicted XM_003409891
Sarcophilus harrisii(Dasyuromorphia) Tasmanian devil 1 cathelicidin predicted XM_003762945
Monodelphis domestica(Didelphimorphia) Opossum 12 cathelicidin genes PMID: 17495011
*Macropus eugenii(Diprotodontia) Wallaby 14 cathelicidin genes PMID: 21912615
Ornithorhynchus anatinus(Monotremata) Platypus 8 cathelicidin genes PMID: 21912615
Gallus gallus(Galliformes) Chicken Fowlicidin-1, 2, 3 PMID: 16326712
Meleagris gallopavo(Meleagridinae) Turkey 2 cathelicidins predicted XM_003206909/10
Salmo salar(Salmonidae) Atlantic salmon asCATH-1, 2 PMID: 16377685
Oncorhynchus mykiss(Salmonidae) Rainbow trout rtCATH-1, 2 PMID: 16377685
*Ophiophagus Hannah(Elapidae) King cobra OH-CATH PMID: 18620012
*Indicates species not included in the tree shown in Figure 1
Table 1: An Overview of Cathelicidin Host Defense Peptides in Animal Species.