Study Method Study Method
Jin et al. [64] Systemic delivery of rhOPG-Fc
Teng et al. [55] Intraperitoneal injection of srOPG-Fc
Valverde et al. [76] Subcutaneous kaliotoxin, K+-channel blocker T cells.
Kawai et al. [77] Intraperitoneal injection of OPG-Fc
Mahamed et al. [78] Intraperitoneal injection of hu-OPG-Fc
Rogers et al. [79] Oral gavage of SD282, a p38 MAPK inhibitor
Assuma et al. [14] Intrapapillary injection of TNF-alpha and IL-1 antagonists.
rhOPG-Fc: Human recombinant osteoprotegerin fusion protein; MAPK: Mitogen- Activated Protein Kinase; SFRP1: Secreted Frizzled-related Protein 1; hOPGFc: Human Osteoprotegerin fusion protein; srOPG-Fc: soluble recombinant Osteoprotegerin fusion protein; huOPG-Fc: human osteoprotegerin fusion protein; SD282: an indole 5-carboxamide selective p38* MAPK inhibitor (Scois, Fremont, CA). (David L Cochran)
Table 2: Summary of animal interventional trials of periodontal disease.