Figure 1: CD4+ T-cell compartment after TB vaccination in BCG-vaccinated and control animals.
. Frequency of CD4+ T-cells in PBMCs, percentage of cell surface expression of IL-7Ra after BCG or rBCG vaccination followed by adenoviral boots. Control animals did not receive any vaccination.
Frequency of CD45RA/ CCR7 compartments (from top to bottom: CD45RA+CCR7-, CD45RA+CCR7-, CD45RA-CCR7+, CD45RA-CCR7-) in CD4+ T-cells after BCG vaccination and in control animals. Except the significant decrease of IL-7Ra cell surface expression 4 weeks after the first adenoviral boost in all vaccinated animals (p<0.04), BCG-vaccinated and control animals display similar CD4+ T-cell compartments both in terms of frequency and T-cell phenotype at different time points after vaccination.