Figure 1: The cross-reactivity of IgG antibodies to structurally related glycoconjugates as established in the competitive ELISA using serum probes. The glycoconjugates adsorbed onto the plates are shown under the horizontal zero axis. In the figure, the glycoconjugates-inhibitors are written over intervals of inhibition. The interval designates the extreme values of inhibition for the four sera used. The binding activity of antibodies was calculated as (Atest minus Acontrol). Atest is the absorbance with the PAA glycoconjugate; Acontrol is the absorbance with Tris-PAA. a - TF-pAA /Tn-PAA reactive sera; b - TF-pAA reactive/Tn-PAA nonreactive sera; c - Tn-PAA reactive/TF-pAA nonreactive sera. TF is a 10% TF-pAA, ТFβ is a 10% ТFβ-pAA. The other glycoconjugates are conjugates with PAA.