On day 0, 3.2 mg anti-collagen-II antibody mix was injected i.p. in DBA/J1 mice to induce CAIA, followed by an i.p. injection containing 25 µg LPS on day 3. On day 7, when the mean arthritis score almost reached its maximum level, a single dose of tACPA RhmAb2.102 (1 mg/mouse) was injected i.p.. Dexamethasone treated groups received three consecutive i.p. injections on days 7, 8, and 9 (Dex; 1 mg/kg). Shown are the means SEM (n=5). Mice were scored daily for signs of inflammation in their paws. Scoring was performed according to the method outlined in Table 1.
Figure 5: Combination therapy with RhmAb2.102 and dexamethasone.