Figure 2: Effect of co-culture on thymocyte phenotype. Thymocytes were co-cultured with TEC or OP9-DL1 for 96 hours. A) Representative figure of subset distribution of total thymocytes where 10,000 events were acquired. B) OP9-DL1 co-culture resulted in a trend towards a lower proportion of CD3+DP (p=0.07) compared to TEC and a statistically significant higher proportion in SP4 cells (p=0.04) when compared to TEC cultures. n=4 p=0.04 by student t-test C) CD127 expression on individual subsets was determined by staining total thymocytes and gating on individual subsets. Thymocytes co-cultured with OP9-DL1 cells had a lower level of CD127 expression on SP4 cells when compared to TEC co-cultures. (n=4 p=0.05 Student t-test).