Figure 3: Thymocytes were cultured with OP9-DL1 cells and stimulated with increasing concentrations of IL-7 for 96 hours. CD127 expression on individual subsets was determined by staining total thymocytes and gating on subsets. IL-7 transiently decreased CD127 on thymic subsets at 100 pg/ ml and the decrease was sustained at the higher concentration of 5000 pg/ml n=3 B) CD3+DP *p = 0.007 C) SP4 *p < 0.0001, **p=0.001, ***p= 0.018 and D) *p < 0.0001, **p=0.027 by analysis of variance (ANOVA) and p< 0.05 by Dunnett’s simultaneous test versus time 0.