Figure 1: Schematic diagram of CXCL10 gene and protein. The gene encoding CXCL10 (top) contain four exons. Exons 1 and 4 are un-translated regions; exon 2 and 3 encode CXCL10 protein. 98-amino-acid long precursor protein containing signal peptide of 21 amino acids is cleaved leaving behind 77 amino acids mature protein. Posttranslational modifications (PTM) are highlighted. Three domains with putative ‘Protein kinase C (PKC)’ phosphorylation site are highlighted with pink arrows: ‘27TVR29, 65TMK67, 94SKR96’ (gene information adapted form NCBI protein database accession # P02778). Predicted high surface probability suggests the likely regions of CXCL10 outside in secondary or tertiary structure.