Target microRNA Comments References
Direct interaction CXCL10 miR-497 Regulate neuronal cell death through Bcl2 and cyclin D2 [129]
miR-15a, 15b Suppress CXCL10 expression by targeting CXCL10 3’-UTR [114]
miR-155 Regulate CXCL10 via TAB2 and NF-κB expression in response to TNF-α and IFN-γ
Mimic inhibits TAB2 expression
miR-424, miR-16, miR-195 Suppress CXCL10 expression by targeting CXCL10 3’-UTR Target
CXCR3 miR-1254, miR-3116, miR-
4739, miR-1321, miR-4756-5p, miR-4739, miR-473-5p, miR-
4673, miR-4645-5p, miR-3154, miR-4725-3p, miR-4487, miR-
4663, miR-4503
Regulate CXCL10 through its receptor CXCR3 Target
Indirect interaction NF-κB miR-210, 125a, b Induces proinflammatory cytokines production [130,131]
NF-κB, MEK-1/2, JNK-1/2 miR-146a, b Regulate cytokine expression through MAPK [132]
Table1: miRNAs involved in regulation of CXCL10-CXCR3 signaling.