Figure 1: Impact of an interruption in commercial sex work among HIV infected and uninfected CSWs. (A) Proportion of CCR5 expressing peripheral and cervical CD4+ and CD8+ T cells among HIV-infected CSWs that interrupted their commercial sexual activities for 4 to 8 weeks (HIV+ Sex Interruption, blue line). Proportion of CCR5 expressing cells from women that remained active in sex work (HIV+ control, black line) is also represented. HIV-positive Controls (n=8), HIV-positive SWI (n=10). B) Frequency of CD69 and HLA-DR expression of cervical mononuclear cells in HIV-negative that were newly enrolled in the Pumwani Sex Worker Cohort (New Negative) during commercial sex work (SW), following an interruption in SW and a resumption to commercial SW. New Negative (n=5). Difference between time points was calculated by one-way Repeated Measures ANOVA, if significant, P-values were calculated by Paired t tests.