Independent variable (x) Dependent variable (y) Allometric growth equation (y=a+bx) ‘r2’ value
Carapace width Abdomen width AW=−17.008+0.7656 CW 0.6754*
Carapace width Abdomen length AL=−15.332+0.7334 CW 0.6884*
Carapace Length Abdomen width AW=−12.552+0.8873 CL 0.7332*
Carapace Length Abdomen length AL=−6.7764+0.8979 CL 0.6112*
Abdomen width Abdomen length AL=−5.6554+0.9884 AW 0.6442*
Carapace width Chelarpropodus length CPL=−59.556+1.5556CW 0.5221*
Carapace length Chelarpropodus length CPL=−51.225+1.4443CL 0.5546*
Table 3: Allometric equations and correlation coefficient (r) values between different variables in females of P. segnis.