Basic aspects - It should be non-pathogenic.
- It has to produce inhibitory compounds
- It has to show antagonistic activity against certain
pathogenic microorganisms
- Competitive exclusion of binding sites,
- it has to compete for nutrients
- stimulates mucosal immunity.
- it must have the ability to colonize and prevent the establishment of potential pathogenic microorganism
Technological aspects It has to show resistance towards phage,sensory properties, Inconsistency during Processing, constancy during Production and storage,It must be free of Plasmid Programmed Antibiotic resistance Genes.
Biosafety aspects - The way they produced and processed.
- Route of incorporation of probiotic
- Expected site of activity of microbe in body
Table 1: Outlines of the research based evidences, suggesting about their health benefits in the aquatic environment as well as host benefits.