Metal Muscle Head Eye Gill Bone Overall mean
Cr BDL 0.26c 0.32b 0.86c 0.38b 0.38
Cd BDL 0.27b 0.29b 0.81a 0.31b 0.34
Pb 0.10a 0.71a 0.04a 0.27a 0.12a 0.28
Cu 0.46b 0.38b 0.39b 0.94a 0.39b 0.51
Zn 0.36b 0.38b 0.39b 0.94a 0.39b 0.49
Ni 0.02c 0.12b 0.08c 0.07c 0.02c 0.06
Data are mean of replicate (2) determinations. BDL: Below instrument detection limit. Letters a, b, c, and d show differences among the different tissues. Data shown with different letters are statistically different at P<0.05 level.
Table 4d: Level of heavy metal in Pseudotolithus typus organs (mg/kg).