Voucher Sponge Site / year Frequencies Interactivity clusters
absolute (relative) I                  II  III
62009Dr Dr Ca/2009 1 (8.3%) 1 1 6
42006Dr PV/2006
32007Dr PV/2007
12007Hv H Ca/2007 3 (37.5%) 2 2 2
32007Hf   PV/2007        
32007Hh Hh PV/2007 2 (16.6%) 2 2 5
92010Hh   Us/2010        
82011Hh   Us/2011        
82005Mm Mm Pv/2005 15 (17.0%) 10 4 8
42006Mm   Pv/2006        
92010Mm   Us/2010        
82011Mm   Us/2011        
Weighted mean    17.50%
Cagarras Archipelago (CA), Praia Vermelha beach (PV), Urca square (Us). Sponge: Dragmacidons reticulatum (Dr), Haliclona sp. (H), Hymeniacidon heliophila (Hh), Mycale microsigmatosa (Mm). Number of isolates classified into three different interactivity clusters, termed: (I) active, (II) sensitive and (III) resistant strains.
Table 4: Cross-inhibition among bacteria isolated from the same sponge collected from different sites and dates.