Location Source Rate of decrease in pH
Ulleung Basin East/Japan Sea (Kim et al., 2013) 0.04 pH units/decade since 1958
ALOHA (22◦45’N, 158◦00’W) (Doneyet al., 2012; http://hahara.soest.hawaii.edu) 0.02 pH units/decade since 1989
BATS (31◦40’N, 64◦10’W), ESTOC (29◦10’N, 15◦30’W) (IPCC 2007) 0.02 pH units since 1980
North Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda (Bates et al., 2012) 0.05 pH units since 1983 till 2011
Ishikawa coast, along the sea of Japan (Agabolaet al., 2013) 0.23 pH units since 1984 till 2009
Black Sea (Polonsky, 2012) 0.4 pH units/decade in 1960 and between 1980 and 2000
Puget sound estuary, in northwest Washington State that is connected to the Pacific Ocean at its northern end by the Strait of Juan de Fuca (Feely et al., 2010)              0.05 pH units in 2008  
Bay of Bengal off Bangladesh (Rashid et al., 2013) 0.2 pH units since 1994 till 2012
Western sector of Indian Sundarbans This study 0.024 pH units since 1984
Table 4: Reduction of surface water pH in different stations around the world.