Assay Prediction Pathology Clinical Features
Tissue of Origin Veridex Histology IHC Age/Sex Sites of Metastasis Intrathoracic Location (Y/N) Response to Treatment Survival (mo)
NSCLC NSCLC PD adenocarcinoma TTF1+, CEA+, Pan-CK+, S100- 45/F bone, soft tissue N PD 8
NSCLC NSCLC PD carcinoma CK AE1/AE3+, HMB45-, CK20-, CK7+, AFP-, BhCG- 54/F lymph nodes Y CR 65
NSCLC NSCLC PD carcinoma CK7+, CEA+, B14/18+, S100-, PSA-, PSAP-, HMB45- 60/M kidney, spleen N PD 9
NSCLC NSCLC PD carcinoma CK+, EMA+, CD30-, LCA- 74/M liver, lung, lymph nodes Y PR 24
NSCLC NSCLC PD carcinoma AE1/AE3+, chromogranin-, synaptophysis-, S100-, HMB45-, LCA- 64/M liver, lung, lymph nodes, kidney Y PR 8
NSCLC NSCLC PD carcinoma None 68/M pancreas, lymph nodes, lung Y SD 14
NSCLC Colon Squamous None 59/M lymph nodes, soft tissue Y PD 6
NSCLC Other Squamous None 43/M liver, lung, bone, lymph nodes Y PR 11
NSCLC Other PD adenocarcinoma None 72/F lung Y PD 30
NSCLC Pancreas PD adenocarcinoma None 65/M abdomen, lung, bone Y UE <1
NSCLC Pancreas PD adenocarcinoma None 54/M lymph nodes Y PR 33+
Ovarian NSCLC PD adenocarcinoma CK+, CEA+, CK20+, ER-, PR-, HMB45-, S100-, CK7-, Her2/neu- 51/F lung, liver, lymph nodes Y PD 5
Colorectal NSCLC PD adenocarcinoma CK20+, CK+, PLAP-, PSA/PSAP-, melanin A- 71/M abdomen, soft tissue N SD 21
Bladder NSCLC Squamous None 60/M Soft tissue N UE 32
Non-diagnostic NSCLC Squamous TTF1- 55/M lung, soft tissue Y SD 9
Table 3: Clinicopathologic Characteristics of Patients with NSCLC Predictions (n = 15).