Assay Prediction Pathology Clinical Features
Tissue of Origin Veridex Histology IHC Age/Sex Sites of Metastasis Response to Treatment Survival (mo)
Pancreas Pancreas Adenocarcinoma None 50/F lung, liver, spleen PD 5
Pancreas Pancreas Adenocarcinoma CK7+, CK20+ 64/F abdominal soft tissue, liver SD 6
Pancreas Pancreas PD adenocarcinoma None 52/M Liver, lung, lymph nodes PR 11
Pancreas Pancreas Adenocarcioma CEA+, Moc31 (EpCAM)+, B723+, HepPar1- 56/F Lung, GE junction, liver, bone, lymph nodes SD 7
Pancreas Colon PD adenocarcinoma None 44/F Liver, peritoneum, pancreas NE 1
Pancreas Other PD carcinoma CK7+, CK20-, AFP- 35/M Liver, omentum PD 2
Colorectal Pancreas Adenocarcinoma CK7+, CK20-, CA125-, TTF1-, CEA- 66/F Liver NE 4
NSCLC Pancreas PD adenocarcinoma None 65/M Lung, lymph nodes, abdominal wall NE <1
NSCLC Pancreas PD adenocarcinoma None 44/F Lymph nodes PR 21
Table 5: Clinicopathologic Characteristics of Patients with Pancreas Predictions (n = 9).