Samples Manometric assay μl CO2/min/ mg protein Fluorimetric assay ΔF /min/mg protein
Purified GAD + Control serum 6.50(1.46) 31.48(1.06)
Purified GAD +IDDM serum 2.89*(1.08) 11.05*(0.59)
Table 2: Inhibition of rat brain glutamate decarboxylase activity by antiserum of IDDM patients. The activity of the purified GAD was measured by manometric and fluorimetric techniques in the presence of serum samples from IDDM patients (n=21) or non diabetic subjects (n=21). Values are mean with SD in round brackets. Statistically significant differences between the patients and control groups were determined by Student’s t-test. * p<0.005