Proteins Fold (HCC versus hepatitis/cirrhosis) by SAM Cellular Component Molecular Function Biological Process KEGG GenMAPP BioCarta
CDH13 2.9 extracellular space, cytoplasm, plasma membrane, caveola, external side of plasma membrane, anchored to membrane, neuron projection calcium ion binding, low-density lipoprotein binding, protein homodimerization activity, cadherin binding, adiponectin binding positive regulation of endothelial cell proliferation, positive regulation of cell-matrix adhesion, sprouting angiogenesis, homophilic cell adhesion, negative regulation of cell adhesion, Rho protein signal transduction, negative regulation of cell proliferation, calcium-dependent cell-cell adhesion, Rac protein signal transduction, lamellipodium biogenesis, regulation of endocytosis, positive regulation of cell migration, regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathway, endothelial cell migration, keratinocyte proliferation, positive regulation of survival gene product activity, positive regulation of smooth muscle cell proliferation, positive regulation of calcium-mediated signaling, positive regulation of positive chemotaxis, localization within membrane, low density lipoprotein mediated signaling none cell-cell adhesion none
Table 2: CDH13 relative fold changes in expression of HCC versus no-tumor hepatitis/cirrhosis by SAM and interpretation by molecule annotation system.