Test Samples Exon    18 Exon     19 Exon    20 Exon    21
1068 Normal Normal Altered Normal
629 Normal Deletion Normal Normal
1012 Normal Deletion Normal Normal
1020 Altered Normal Normal Normal
417 Normal Normal Altered Altered
1009 Altered Normal Normal Altered
906 Normal Normal Normal Normal
1035 Normal Normal Normal Normal
1002 Normal Altered Normal Altered
1124 Normal Altered Normal Altered
Note: Normal and altered fluorescent signatures refer to fluorescent signatures from the clinical samples that either match or differ from the reference normal fluorescent signatures (see text for details). Deletions listed were identified based on the similarities between the altered and reference normal fluorescent signatures (Supplementary data S2). The only LATE-PCR result that was discordant with the known EGFR mutation status of these samples defined by COLD-PCR/dideoxysequencing is underlined; see text and Supplementary information S2 and S3 for details.
Table 3: Results from blinded analysis of clinical samples using the LATE-PCR EGFR assay.