Figure 3: Phosphorylation status of the different endothelial NO synthase (eNOS) residues after treatment with Pb (100 μM) for 5 minutes. (A) Under the Pb treatment, there was a significant increased phosphorylation at serine 1177 residues (*p<0.05) of the eNOS. (B). The Pb treatment led to a significant decrease in the phosphorylation at threonine 495 residues (*p<0.05), (C) a significant increase in the phosphorylation at serine 116 residues (*p<0.05). For full data on results after Pb-treatment see supplement table 1. Values are presented as means ± SD. On the left side, photomicrographs of the immunocytochemical-stained cells are shown (Magnification=500 fold; Bars=10 μm).