Figure 4: Effect of CA on histopathological analysis of brain regions in control and experimental groups of rats (20 X). A) Normal histological features with well-formed neurons in all brain regions.B) Abnormal cellular morphology accompanied by cellular infiltration, recruitment of macrophages, with damaged cerebral cortex, striatum, hypothalamus and hippocampus regions was observed in AlCl3-induced neurotoxicity.C) CA alone sections shows normal architecture of brain regions like control group. D)Co-treatment (AlCl3+CA) sections shows protected cellular morphology and also exhibiting significantly reduced morphologic abnormalities in all regions with better recovery in tissues and wellformed nuclei without irregular features. The data presented are the average of ten fields/section and shown in graph. Hypothesis testing method included one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) followed by least significant difference (LSD). Results (n=6) are statistically significant at P<0.05.