Figure 5: Effect of CA on Nissl’s staining (Nissl bodies) in control and experimental groups of rats (20 X). Normal architecture of neurons were seen in control group (5A); intensely stained nissl substance evident form Nissl-stained dark neurons(NDN) together with amoeboid-like pseudo palisading neurons is noted in brain sections, a hallmark of neurodegeneration were seen in AlCl3-induced rats (5B). CA treated rat brain regions showing partially reduced damage with few shrunken cell bodies along with reduced NDNs with normal nucleus and cytoplasm in all brain regions(5D). CA alone sections resembles control group (5C). The data presented are the average of ten fields/section and shown in graph.Hypothesis testing method included one-way analysis of variance(ANOVA) followed by least significant difference (LSD). Results(n=6) are statistically significant at P<0.05.