Sample ID Gene Sequencing result Mutation report
Cobas® Therascreen®
491448 EGFR c.2156G>C EX18 G719X c.2156G>C
491469 EGFR c.2240_2254del EX19 DEL c.2240_?del
489432 EGFR c.2573T>G EX21 L858R c.2753T>G
452470 EGFR c.2239_2248delinsC EX19 DEL c.2239_?del
452978 EGFR c.2573T>G NM c.2573T>G
452815 EGFR c.2235_2249del EX19 DEL c.2235_?del
475409 EGFR c.2237_2255delinsT EX19 DEL c.2236_?del
123146 KRAS NM na NM
241138 KRAS NM na na
241137 KRAS NM na na
025119 KRAS NM NM na
304209 KRAS c.38G>A na c.38G>A
489482 KRAS c.34_35delinsTT M c.35G>C
483271 KRAS c.38_39delinsTT M NM
483336 BRAF c.1798_1799delinsAA NM c.1799T>A
484361 BRAF c.1799_1800delinsAA NM c.1798_1799delinsAA
462184 BRAF c.1799_1802delinsAAAT NM NM
492659 BRAF c.1801A>G NM NM
NM:No Mutation; M:Mutation; na:Not Amplified; fails and discordances are highlighted in bold characters. Results obtained using kits are mentioned as reported by the respective software. No mutation was detected in the other 52 samples using all 3 approaches.
Table 1: Comparative analysis of somatic mutations detected using automated procedures.