Assay  Kit Manufacturer/Supplier Function
Bacterial enzymes &host enzymes BANA periodontal test Ora Tec Corporation Manassas (USA) It utilizes the BANA test for bacterial trypsin like proteases
Periocheck CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals, Newtown, PA Detects presence of neutral proteinases i.e. Collagenase
Perioscan Oral B Laboratories Detects enzymatic activity ofAggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans, T forsythus, P gingivalis
Immunological identification Evalusite Kodak Eastman Company (Switzerland) Immunological detection of antigens of Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans, P intermedia, P gingivalisusing antibodies (ELISA
Biochemical identification Prognostic Dentsply Aids in detection of serine proteinases and elastases
  Biolise SLT-Labinstruments, Crailsheim, Ger-many Aids in detection of elastase
Periogard   Colgate Detects the presence of AST
Pocket watch SteriOss®, San Diego, CA, USA Detects aspartate aminotransferase through colorimetric detection
  TOPAS Affinity Labelling Technologies (USA) Detects toxins derived from anaerobic metabolism and measures GCF protein level
Table 2: Chair side diagnostic kits.