Figure 1: Typical 2-DE serum protein profiles of normal healthy adult controls and patients with NPC. We subjected serum samples of normal healthy controls (a) patients with NPC prior to treatment (b) to 2-DE (pI 4-7) and silver staining. In addition to albumin (ALB), immunoglobulin α, γ and µ heavy chains (IHC) and immunoglobulin light chains (ILC), other high abundance protein spots were detected, such as α1-antitrypsin (AAT), α1-B glycoprotein (ABG), α2-HS glycoprotein (AHS), complement factor B (CFB), clusterin (CLU), the β chain of haptoglobin (HAP) and three unidentified proteins termed PR1, PR2 and PR3. Comparable expression was seen for most of the resolved proteins with exception of higher expression of CPL and lower expression of AHS in NPC patients. Acid sides of all 2-DE gels are to the left and relative molecular mass declines from the top.