Figure 5: Evaluation of Danusertib activity in xenograft tumor. HCT116 tumor bearing mice were treated with vehicle or a single dose of Danusertib at 40 mg/ kg bid i.v. Animals (five for group) were sacrificed and tumors collected after 8, 24 and 48 hrs and processed for the different analysis. A, Western blot analysis of phospho histone H3, p53, and p21 in tumor lysates. B, Immunohistochemistry analysis of the same tumors. Quantitative analysis of vehicle and Danusertib treated tumors immunostained with anti p53, anti p21 and anti phospho histone H3. Data are reported as the mean of positive cells counted in 4 viable fields at 200x magnification for each sample. All mice per group were evaluated. Bar, median of the group.