Marker Other name Function Role in colon tumorigenesis References
Lgr5  - Unknown Prognostic factor, adenoma formation [10]
Wnt activity  - Signalling pathway Normal colon-adenoma transition, stem phenotype maintenance [20]
CD44 H-CAM Cell adhesion, hyaluronic acid receptor Colony formation, xenografts growth, prognostic factor, correlation with tumor stage [33,35]
CD326 EpCAM Cell adhesion Tumor budding, metastatization [34]
Msi-1   - RNA-binding protein Association with tumor stage [36]
ALDH-1   - Detoxifyng enzime Resistance to alkylating agents, prognostic factor [37,40]
CD26 DPP4 Cell surface glycoprotein Metastatization [38]
Eph B2   - Wnt target gene Cell compartimentalization [39]
CD166 ALCAM Cell adhesion Prognostic factor [40]
CD133 Prominin-1 Cell motility and iron metabolism Prognostic factor [40,43,44]
CD29 Integrin β1 subunit Cell adhesion Colony formation [41]
CD24 HSA Cell adhesion Clonogenic ability, multilineage potential, correlation with invasiveness and survival [41,42]
Table 1: Molecules expressed by colorectal cancer stem cells.