Figure 3: Adult flies expressing dRFX3 in eye imaginal disc exhibited rough eye phenotype. (a)~(c) Scanning electron micrographs of adult compound eyes. (d)~(f) Immuno-stainning of eye imaginal discs with anti-HA antibody. (A) (a, d) GMR-GAL4/+; +/+, (b, e) GMR-GAL4/+; UAS-HA-dRFX3 (strain 18) /+, (c, f) GMR-GAL4/+; UAS-HA-dRFX3 (strain 53) /+, (B) (a, d) +/+; eyeless- GAL4/+, (b, e) +/+; eyeless-GAL4/UAS-HA-dRFX3 (strain 18) /+, (c, f) +/+; eyeless-GAL4/UAS-HA-dRFX3 (strain 53) /+. These flies were developed at 28oC. Arrows represent the morphogenetic furrow (MF). Intensities of HA signals are quantified and shown in lower panels (g), confirming higher expression of HA-dRFX3 in strain 53 than in strain 18. Averaged values from several discs are shown.