GAL4 line Chromosome inkage Expression pattern Lethal phase Phenotype
GMR(#16) X eye   rough eye
GMR eye   rough eye
eyeless eye   rough eye
eyeless/CyO eye   rough eye
sev/CyO eye larval,pupal  
sd X wing   atrophied wing(#53)
MS1096 X wing   crumpled wing(#18),atrophied wing(#53)
Hs/CyO wing, nerve   no effect
Hs wing, nerve   no effect
en wing, imaginal discs embryo(#53) crumpled wing(#18)
en/CyO wing, imaginal discs embryo(#53) unclosed wing(#18)
ve wing   no effect
vg wing   crumpled or atrophied wing
ap/CyO wing, nerve embryo  
wg wing   no effect
pnr/TM3 wing   split back
elav X embryonic nerve system   no effect
389 embryonic CNS   rough eye,small head,unclosed wing,crumpled wing(#53)
91Y CNS   no effect
twist X mesoderm   low viability(#53)
48Y endoderm   unclosed wing(#53)
dpp/CyO endo/mesoderm   no effect
dll early embryo   no effect
dll/CyO early embryo   no effect
arm segments, ubiquitous   unclosed wing(#53)
Cg blood cells larval  
Hml larval hemocyte   no effect
c323a X SG, gut, embryo, follicle cells larval  
T155 follicle cells embryo(#53) low viability(#18)
55B follicle cells   no effect
198Y follicle cells, oocyte   no effect
645 oocyte   crumpled wing(#53)
69B X larval discs   no effect
T80/CyO imaginal discs larval  
Act25C/CyOGFP imaginal discs larval  
Act5C/TM6B all tissues   crooked body(#53)
da ubiquitous   no effect
kr/TM3 embryo   no effect
hh/TM6B embryo   low viability
tub/TM3 all tissues larval  
Table 1: Summary of effects of HA-dRFX3 expression with each GAL4 driver lines.