Inhibitor Cell type Consequences Reference
AR-A014418 Panc-1 Decreased proliferation and tumor growth, gemcitabine sensitization 39
AR-A014418 Panc-1, MiaPaCa-2, BxPC-3 Decreased proliferation, gemcitabine sensitization (in vitro & in vivo),
radiosensitization, decreased migration & invasion
siGSK3β & AR-A014418 MiaPaCa-2, Panc-1 Decreased NFκB activity, caspase-3 cleavage, decreased proliferation 40
AR-A014418 BxPC-3, Panc-1, HPAC, PK-1, PK-8 Decreased proliferation, no gemcitabine sensitization (except Panc-1) 43
AR-A014418 Panc-1, BxPC-3 Increased TRAIL-induced apoptosis (in vitro & in vivo) 38
AR-A014418, shGSK3β, SB216763 MiaPaCa-2, BxPC-3 Decreased proliferation, increased apoptosis 26
shGSK3β, LiCl BxPC-3 & Panc-1 Resistance to radiation (in vitro & in vivo) 37
siGSK3β Panc-1 Resistance to radiation, increased HGF, c-Met activation [Figure 4]
Table 1: Consequences of GSK3β inhibition in pancreatic cancer cells.