Ab (Mabthera) B-cell dysfunction, infusion-related cytokine release,   hypersensitivity, cardiac arrythmias [18]
Immunotoxin (CAT-3888,CAT-8015) Drug-related toxicities in 25-60% of the 28 patients included (indecreasing frequency), grade 1-2 hypoalbuminemia, edema, fever,    ALT and AST elevations, headaches, and nausea [19,20]
Antibody-drug Hematosuppression neutropenia, neuropathy [18] conjugate (Brentuximab)
Ab (HER2/neu Cardiomyopathy, infusion-related cytokine release [18]
Toxin (orellanine) Severe injury to tubule cells in the kidney [21]
Radiotherapy Immune defect, infectious complications [22]
Platinol Renal insufficiency, hearing loss, neuropathy [18]
6-OH DOPA Severe neurotoxicity [11]    
Ab (CTLA4)      Autoimmune reaction [23]
Ab (PD-1) Autoimmune reaction [23]
T-cell (transplantation) Graft vs. host [24]
Table 2: Main toxicities associated with the therapy. Ab=antibody.