Figure 2: NFAT controls transcription in pancreatic cancer: 1.TGFβ induces NFATc1 in pancreatic carcinogenesis for c-Myc activation: NFAT binding to the proximal c-Myc promoter leads to displacement of the Smad3/4 complex from the TIE and involves recruitment of p300 actelytransferases and Elk1 to induce a chromatin structure permissive for c-Myc transcription. TIE:TGFβ-inhibitory element. 2. NFATc2 binding to the proximal p15Ink4b promoter results in sequential heterochromatin formation by recruitment of Suv39H1 and trimethylation of H3K9 to silence p15Ink4b - mediated tumor suppression. 3. NFATc1/STAT3 communication: NFATc1 and STAT3 activate jointly regulated target genes via loop formation between promoters and enhancers in pancreatic carcinogenesis.