Figure 3: Cleavages of lamin A/C and cytokeratin 18 by caspase-6 activation during HAL-PDT-mediated apoptosis in the COLO 205 and HCC2998 cell lines. (A) Percentages of apoptotic cells induced by HAL-PDT with or without the caspase-6 inhibitor (Bars: SD). (B) Immunoblots of the PDT-mediated cleavages of lamin A/C and cytokeratin 18 with caspase-6 inhibitor, caspase-3 inhibitor or pan-caspase inhibitor. (C) Cleavage of cytokeratin 18 during the PDT-mediated apoptosis measured with the M30 CytoDeathâ„¢ ELISA kit. (D) Disruption of the cytokeratin 18 as a granular pattern at 4 h after HAL-PDT in the HCC2998 cells is shown by immunocytochemistry. The caspase-6 inhibitor stops such PDT-mediated disruption.