Observation Exposed Participant(n=63) Median Age= 31 Years Unexposed Participants (n=41) Median Age= 29 Years
Duration of Exposure to E-waste Chemicals ≥ 5.0 Years No Occupational Exposure
Frequency of Exposure to E-waste Chemicals ≥ 6 days /week Nil
Routes of Exposure: Direct Indirect Hands, eyes, nasal cavity, oral cavity, dermal absorption Environmental (high)   Nil Minimal
% Using Personal Protective Devices(PPDs) while working Yes { (n=7) 11.1%} No { (n=56) 88.9 %} Not Applicable
Specified PPDs used Apron (cotton) Not Applicable
Table 1: Occupational exposure burden of electronic waste workers compared with un-exposed participants in Benin City, South-South Nigeria.