Figure 6: Sulforaphane inhibits metastatic proteins (a) Effects of sulforaphane on the gelatinolytic activities of matrix metalloproteinases were studied by zymography. Cells were treated with various doses of sulforaphane (0, 1, 5, 10, 20 μM) for 24 h and activities of the MMPs were accessed using the conditioned media collected from cells. Results showed a decrease in MMP activities. (b) MMP activities as influenced by sulforaphane are depicted in figure showing a quantitative estimate of inhibition of these proteins. (c) Expression of VEGF as influenced by sulforaphane was studied by western blot analysis. Cells were treated as mentioned previously. Cell lysates were subjected to western blot analysis using VEGF antibody, where decrease in the expression was indicated. β- actin was used as loading control. (d) Quantification of VEGF expression as modulated by sulforaphane has been depicted in bar diagram. Results indicated inhibition of VEGF expression by sulforaphane.