Drugs or Inhibitors



Cancer Models


Debromohymenialdisine Chk1/2 Cell cycle and DNA repair Glioblastoma [37]
AZD7762 (AstraZeneca) Chk1/2 Cell cycle and DNA repair Colon cancer [40]
CP4666722 (Pfizer) ATM Cell cycle and DNA repair Breast cancer [46]
Cyclopamine SMO Hh signaling pathway Esophageal cancer, Glioblastoma [60] [65]
Forskolin GLI1 Hh signaling pathway Esophageal cancer [60]
GSIs, DAPT g-secretase Notch signaling pathway Glioblastoma [90] [123]
YM155 survivin Wnt signaling pathway Non-small cell lung cancer [107]
Perifosine AKT PI3K/AKT signaling pathway Medulloblastoma [126]
Table 1: Drugs or inhibitors already available which can sensitize CSCs to radiotherapy.