Figure 5: Increased lysis of IκB(S32AS36A) transfected HEp2 cells and inhibition of HEp2 tumor cell cytotoxicity after exposure of T cells to HEp2- vec but not HEp2-IκB(S32AS36A) cells: CD8+ T cells were treated with IL2 (500 u/ml) and cultured with each of untreated or IFN-γ treated vector-alone and IκB(S32AS36A) transfected HEp2 cells (E:T ratio 1:1). After 18 days of co-cultures the samples were washed twice, the number of surviving CD8+ T cells counted and adjusted to 1X106/ml before they were added to 51Cr labeled HEp2-vec and HEp2- IκB(S32AS36A) cells. After 4-6 hours of incubation at 37°C, supernatants were harvested and the levels of released 51Cr radioactivity were determined by a γ counter. LU 30/106 is calculated by using the inverse of the number of effector cells needed to lyse 30% of tumor target cells X100. The p values for the difference between the co-cultures of T cells with vector-alone transfected HEp2 cells and with IκB(S32AS36A) transfected HEp2 cells are less than 0.05. One of 6 representative experiments is shown in this Figure.