IL-6 (pg/ml)
HEp2-pRcCMV 787±2
HEp2-IκB(S32AS36A) 125±5
OSCC 2849±31
OSCSCs 0.0±1
Cal-33 392±8
Cal-27 0
The tumor cells were cultured for 24-48 hours and the released IL-6 was measured using specific and sensitive ELISAs. The p value for the difference between secretion of IL-6 in the vector alone transfected HEp2 cells and IκB(S32AS36A) transfected HEp2 cells as well as the difference between OSCCs and OSCSCs or Cal 27 and Cal 33 are less than 0.05. 1 of 5 representative experiments is shown in this table.
Table 1: NFκB knock down HEp2 cells as well as less differentiated OSCSCs or Cal 27 cells secrete no or very little IL-6.