Figure 1: Quantification of collagen surface adsorption at different densities. Glass coverslips were incubated with stock solutions of collagen at the theoretical densities of 0.1, 1.0, and 10.0 μg/cm2, respectively, overnight at 4 degrees. Samples were then vigorously washed to remove the loosely bound collagen. Surface adsorption of collagen at different densities was quantified using immunostaining. (A) Representative images of samples stained with collagen I antibody. Scale bar=50 μm. (B) Intentisy histograms were obtained to assess the uniformity of collagen adsorption. (C) Peak intensity at 5 random positions in different samples was used to quantitatively determine the mean intensity profiles across different densities. Mean intensity increased with increase in collagen density. Red bars indicate statistical significance (*p < 0.001).