microRNAs Target genes Chromosome Function Cell lines Citations
miR-34a miR-192 miR-215 Cdkn1A/p21 miR-192/194; 11 miR-215/194; 1 Increase apoptosis Cell cycle arrest Suppress carcinogenesis   [24]
miR-34s CDK6, E2F3 Cyclin E2, Bcl-2 miRNA-34a; 1p36 miRNA-34b/34c; 11q23 Cell cycle arrest Apoptosis U2OS SaOS2 [25]
miR-31 E2F2, p14 p16 9p21.3 Cell cycle, Promote p53 activity, Induce apoptosis U2OS [30]
14q32 miRs (miR-382, 369- 3p, 544, 134) cMyc miR-17-92 14q32 Pro-apoptotic effect SaOS2 [33]
miR-20a Fas C13orf25 Induce metastasis Reduce Fas-mediated apoptosis LM7 SaOS2 [31]
miR-17-92 LRRC17, RGMB, LIMA1, CCNE1, VAMK2N1 C13orf25 Oncogenic & tumor suppressor properties, Differentiation, Apoptosis, Cell cycle regulation HOS58, U2OS, SaOS2, SJSA1, MG63 [32]
14q32 miRs HDAC 14q32 Elevate histone deacetylase activity SaOS2 [34]
miR-15 miR16-1 CCND1   Apoptosis, Cell cycle arrest SOSP-9607 [35]
miR-29a Bcl-2, Mcl-1, E2F1, E2F3   Down-regulated in Osteosarcoma, Induce apoptosis (p53-independent) Down-regulate Bcl-2, Mcl-1, Increase tumor suppressor genes, E2F1 and E2F3 U2OS SaOS2 [36]
miR-93 E2F1   Reduce cell viability, Promote apoptosis, Suppress tumorigenesis MG63, 143B [37]
miR-143 Bcl-2     MG63, U2OS [38]
miR-221 PTEN   Increase cell survival and cisplatinresistance, Decrease apoptosis SOSP-9607, MG63 [39]
miR-223 Heat shock protein 90B1(HSP90B1)   Suppress HSP90B1 and cell growth, Cell cycle arrest and apoptosis. Decrease PI3K/Akt/mTOR/ Bcl-2. Increase Bid MG63 [40]
Table 1: Apoptosis-related microRNAs in osteosarcoma.