Figure 1: (a) mRNA expression MAGE-A1 in 14 gastric cell lines by RT-PCR. mRNA expression of GAPDH was used as the baseline. At least two independent experiments were preformed for each cell line. (b) MTS assay of 14 cell lines ranked according to their docetaxel response (IC50). Cells were treated with docetaxel over 72 hours. Experiments were performed in triplicates, and repeated in at least two independent experiments. (c) Box plots of GC cell lines based on MAGE-A1 expression and IC50 of docetaxel (n=14). 5 cell lines that had high IC50 to docetaxel (n=7), had MAGE-A1 expression. 5 cell lines that had low/intermediate IC50 to docetaxel (n=7) were no expression of MAGE-A1. *p=0.0299 is calculated by unpaired t test with Welch correction.