Figure 7: (a) DNA promoter methylation status of MAGE-A1 in 14 gastric cell lines by MSP. The presence of both methylation and unmethylation bands was considered as methylation. UniM: Universal methylated DNA is the control for methylation; HSD: human sperm DNA is the control sample for unmethylation. M: methylation; U: unmethylation. (b) mRNA expression and (c) methylation status of MAGE-A1 in cell lines treated with 5’aza and/or TSA. Cell lines with low docetaxel IC50 (SNU601) showed demethylation and re-expression of MAGE- A1 after 5’aza treatment but not in TSA. In contrast, MKN1 with high docetaxel IC50 showed no change in mRNA expression or methylation status in MAGE-A1 after all treatments. GAPDH expression was used as baseline. At least two independent experiments were preformed for each cell line.