Interacting protein Mechanisms Function Reference
DNA Binding Unknown [40]
Vimentin Binding and phosphorylation Reorganization, disassembly, and phosphorylation of vimentin during mitosis [49]
Glucocorticoid receptor Binding and supply Cytoplasmic anchoring Cell proliferation and cell cycle control [37]
Cdk5 Binding to the alpha-helical domain of nestin Oxidant-induced apoptosis [55]
p35 Ubiquination and turnover Oxidant-induced apoptosis [55]
Cdk5/p35 Binding Activity and turnover [57]
PI3K Expression level regulation Proliferation and differentiation [52]
AKT Phosphorylation Proliferation [32]
E-cadherin Expression level Cell adhesion [60]
Insulin-degrading enzyme Binding Enzyme activity [38]
Table 2: Molecules that are functionally regulated by nestin.