Parameter Value
Linearity range (µg/mL) 0.05-10.00
Intercept (a) 0.004
Slope (b) 0.195
Correlation coefficient (r) 0.9999
S.D. of residuals (Sy/x) 8.070×10-3
S.D. of intercept (Sa) 4.706×10-3
S.D. of slope (Sb) 8.563×10-4
% RSD a 1.03
% Error b 0.42
LOD (µg/mL) c 0.01
LOQ (µg/mL) d 0.03
aPercentage relative standard deviation for six replicate samples.
bPercentage relative error for six replicate samples.
cLimit of detection.
d Limit of quantitation
Table 7: Analytical performance data for the HPLC determination of atenolol.