Figure 4: The 10% non-denaturing SDS-PAGE of sera and purified immunoglobulins (IgGs). Lane 1 MW marker, lane 2 mule serum, lane 3 mule IgG, lane 4 donkey serum, lane 5 donkey IgG, lane 6 horse serum, lane 7 horse IgG, lane 8 dog serum, lane 9 dog IgG, lane 10 skunk serum, lane 11 skunk IgG, lane 12 coyote serum, lane 13 coyote IgG, lane 14 raccoon serum and lane 15 raccoon IgG. A commercially prepared protein-A antibody purification kit (Sigma-Aldrich Co, St. Louis Missouri) based on affinity chromatography was used to purified IgG molecules from the above different mammalian sera. The purified mammalian IgG had a MW of approximately 150 kDa.