Kinetic Parameters Reaction with Me3N→O in CH3OH Reaction with K3[Fe(CN)6] in CH3OH – H2O 3:1 v/v Reaction with NaBH4 in CH3OH
Kobs( a) (s-1) 5.3×10-3 1.1×10-2 5.9×10-3
ΔS# (JK-1mol-1) -278.0 -284.0 -286.5
Table 2: Comparison of kinetic parameters for the reaction of 3 with different substrates.
(a) measurements were done at 3: substrate ratio of 1:7-8 and the absorbance changes were followed at 337 nm, 412 nm and 412nm for Me3N→O, K3[Fe(CN)6] and NaBH4 respectively (vide Figure 10 for the relevant absorption spectral changes).