Figure 4: Western blots against brain homogenates of rat, zebrafish (Zfish) and N. guentheri (Ngue). The antibodies used are SMI31 which should label neurofilament protein of approximately 110 to 230 kDa for the rat. Rat bands are indicated by blue arrowheads and fish in red. Two GFAP antibodies were used, the rabbit polyclonal anti-cow GFAP (rGFAP) and the mouse monoclonal anti-human GFAP (GA-5) which should label proteins of approximately 50 kDa. The E587 antiserum is generated against goldfish L1 and should label proteins of 190, 120 and 70 kDa. Rat bands are labels R15, zebrafish Z16 and N. guentheri N16. The monoclonal anti-TNR antibody labels three bands in the rat lane (blue arrowheads) and one band each in the fish lanes (red arrowheads). Marker band sizes are indicated to the right of the blots.